Metroid Prime Trilogy Poised for Wii U Re-Release

The acclaimed Metroid Prime Trilogy, which has gotten so sought after by collectors that its pre-owned cost on eBay has increased above $100, will be re-released on Wii U on January 29.

Metroid-TRAVIS-4Nintendo declared the digital re release on Wednesday as section of a more comprehensive strategy to provide downloadable versions of essential Wii games on the Wii U. That begins now, together with the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the eShop, followed on January 22 with Punch Out.

In Europe, line up and the launch program is similar, just that instead of Punch-Out, players will soon be offered Donkey Kong Country Returns.

More Wii re-releases are expected to follow.

Meanwhile, Nintendo also announced on Wednesday that some Wii games will benefit from enhanced compatibility support on Wii U. Although all Wii games can be played on the Wii U, players must enter into the system’s emulator. Nintendo is executing a workaround all that’s needed to play certain Wii games is that the disk is added.

In GameSpot’s Year Two Wii U Review, its backward-compatibility function was cited as a significant edge.

The review composed: “One should not underestimate the worth presented here. There’s no lost magic in games for example the Metroid Prime Trilogy, or Wii Sports, or Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (in case you can nevertheless locate it) Zelda Twilight Princess, or. Nintendo has some of the most capable minds in the business in regards to creating content with long-term attractiveness. Also, players can nevertheless access the Wii Shop channel and purchase all its digital games, offering access to a huge library of retro content.”


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