Nvidia GTX 770 Can’t Max Out GTA V at 60fps

Besides affirming the game is still slated to start on its already announced release date, Rockstar has given hardly any in releasing new details and media content for PC version of GTA V. Nevertheless, there’s an unknown source which, after leaking the first alleged in-game screenshots of the upcoming game on the internet a couple of days past, has now supplied some more technical details about the game along with a couple of screenshots that show how the game looks like running on PC on low and high settings.

ZqLdOxGClaiming to have ties with an unfamiliar guy who allegedly works in a PC game magazine business and has lately gotten his hands on the PC version of GTA V for review function, Neon posted a few alleged GTA V in-game PC screenshots on the forums a couple of days ago, showing off the settings menu and visuals quality of the coming game, and now, the user has come up with a low vs high screenshot comparison along with more technical details.

In the newest details, Neon mentioned the source behind the leaked screenshots has verified to use an MSI GTX 770 coupled with a Center i5 3570k and 8GB RAM. The previously mentioned GTX 970 was a mistake and hence it did not match the 2GB memory count that was pictured in the leaked settings screenshots. As stated by the source, the GTX 770 failed to run the game at max settings (without MSAA enabled) with continuous 60 frames per second. Supplying another screenshot of the graphics settings menu of GTA V, the user said that the PC of the source was able to run the game at constant 60fps together with the following settings.

QVuzxgzIn addition, to meet other users with the authenticity of all the details and screenshots he’s shared previously, Neon shared two similar screenshots comparing the PC version of GTA V running high and low settings on. Both low vs high screenshots were taken without MSAA since he already mentioned the source’s PC specifications appear to be not enough for maxing out the game /tessellation enabled. There are a few notable differences between the provided in-game comparison screenshots. Feel quality appears to remain same, while there are improvements in lighting, shadows, reflections and draw space. It’s possible for you to have a look at the comparison screenshots below.


Neon has shared a couple of GTA V in-game PC screenshots, which he claims to have obtained from an unnamed man. The previously released screenshots were stamped as fake by several enthusiasts, largely due to the fact that GTX 970, which he promised at the time was powering the game, is 4GB along with the images settings screenshot pictured 2GB memory only. Nevertheless, this latest screenshot comparison appears legit, as we don’t have some solid evidence or official word on the matter, yet still, it all should be taken with a grain of salt.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity Patch 4 delayed


The company said in an upgrade that Patch 4, which is anticipated to eventually rectify the majority of the problems that have plagued the game since start, won’t arrive as planned.

“As said last week, we had anticipated to publish the patch today (and we all know that many are expecting its launch), but we’re picking to hold off until we can provide you with the improvements we have assured,” read the statement.

“We’re dedicated to providing significant functionality improvements, which demands that we refurbish the Paris map and that can take a couple more days to reach the high degree of quality our players deserve.”

Frame rate should improve and introduce fixes for several issues players have been facing since the game released a month past, according to previous statements from the company.

Two weeks following the launch of the game, Ubisoft declared settlement for all owners of the game and discontinued the Assassin’s Creed Unity season pass.